I'm a strong believer of creating a relationship between the artist, his paint and the observer.. It's the strange atmosphere created by this what really represents the opera. You should never forget that art is light, dark and emotions.. You don't have to get lost in the details, the touch must be immediate without vsecond thoughts or adjustments, the brush shall follows its way and never get back: what it means it's vibrating!”My main motivation is to portray the inherent beauty and armony that exists in the inter-relationship of colour, composition and form.I start from an open place within, just as I start with a blank canvas. Abstraction for me is the way to communicate the inaffable. Colours carry emotion, capture and reflect light.The way the colours exist together, side by side and in varying layers of transparency and opacity is my vehicle, my means towards a perception of visual delight, ease and harmony. Primarily I want these works to emanate a constant pulse of joy to and for the viewer.Than I know my work is done!

Being very eclectic and determined, I pushed my limits in many different aspects of my life, trying to reach the impossible, and that is exactly what I am doing giving my followers, through her canvas, the unique possibility of owning their piece of sky.

I live by the rule that if you want something bad enough, and you believe you can achieve it, eventually you will get it. You can reach the sky like your goals. The small human can everything if he has his eyes focused in the right direction, that is the feeling I try to express through my canvas.

Skyes are constantly changing and providing me with an unlimited flow of inspiration which I enjoy exploring. I love travelling all around the world. And when I am back in the studio, I use the imagines that I collected in her mind, to transport on my canvas the sensations those places have given me.

The peculiarity of my collection is the perpetual presence of the sky, as dominant subject in my paintings; dramatic sunset, heavy stormy skies, dawns and twilights.

A harmony of color, light, movements and emotion, my paintings are truly originals and depict a streaky visual narrative, which lifts the spirit of the viewer.