Born in Italy in 1982, I grew up in a creative environment and painted from a very young age. I moved to Melbourne at 18 to study at the University and then back to Italy to finish my studies. I was always the first of my course during my university years’ but despite my good grades and the job as a manager and consultant at the Bank of New York Mellon in London, for which the world of finance did not suit me, I had the feeling that something was missing. I decided to stop looking around and just start pointing right at the sky.

Since graduating I have focused on painting. I studied a mixture of skills, painting, and life drawing. I am inspired by the sky. Skies are constantly changing and providing me with an unlimited flow of inspiration which I enjoy exploring. I love travelling all around the world and when I am back in the studio, I use the images that I collected in my mind to transport on my canvas the sensations those places have given me. The peculiarity of my collection is the perpetual presence of the sky. Dominant subjects in my paintings include dramatic sunset, heavy stormy skies, dawns and twilights. A harmony of colour, light, movements and emotion, my paintings are truly original and depict a streaky visual narrative, which lifts the spirit of the viewer.

My paintings are more about the light and the feelings a place can evoke in the viewer, the emotion that a memory of a place and time can stir within. A memory of thoughts and feelings within a landscape, often a special and private moment, where the vastness and beauty of the landscape around brings the unique possibility of owning their piece of sky. 

I live by the rule that if you want something bad enough, and you believe you can achieve it, eventually you will get it. You can reach the sky like your goals. The small human can achieve everything if they have their eyes focused in the right direction and that is the feeling I try to express through my canvas.

I am an artist best known for my large–scale sky paintings which touch the emotional side of the viewer through an original use of the colour.